Breathing new life into old, obsolete styles.

We have a problem. It’s called excess production. An endemic issue in the fashion industry. But what if we could loop our problem into products?

Cleaning up in our own backyard, we take a stand to our own excess production. With help from revolutionizing recycling technology, we are transforming our old unsold stock into new styles. A zero-waste model for recycling.

The process - 01 collecting

Starting at our warehouse, we have collected excessive stock to go through the recycling process.

The process - 02 sorting

On-site at the circular factory, the styles are carefully sorted by quality and color. All potential tags, labels, buttons and eyelets are removed manually.

The process - 03 cutting

Once sorted, the cutting is done horizontal and vertical into small fabric pieces in a fully mechanical process run solely on renewable energy. At this stage a softener is added to let fibers relax and loose up.

The process - 04 shredding

Once the softener has done it’s work, the fabrics goes through a grinder to tear out the original fibers in order to create a new fiber mass.

The process - 05 organic cotton

The next step is to create a new yarn from the recycled fibers. To strengthen the recycled fibers, an equal amount of certified organic cotton is added for improving the quality and strengthen the yarn.

The process - 06 spinning

The fibers containing the shredded mass and organic cotton are now ready to be spun into a fine yarn.

The process - 07 knitting

Once the yarn is spun, the knitting process begins to create the new fabric a circular knitting machine.

The process - 08 dyeing

Once the fabric is knitted, the dyeing process begins. For our IMPACT RE:MADE collection we have chose to work with more natural colors.

The process - 09 washing

Before lazer cutting and sewing, the fabrics goes through a washing process in order to remove excessive color and pre-shrinkage.

The process - 10 cut & sew

Once the fabric has been washed, it is now ready for the lazer cutting process in order to create the final product, resulting in our first circular collection called IMPACT 01 RE:MADE.

Press material

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